Heimon kala

Heimon Kala’s products are good for you and a better choice for the environment. Our goal is to make sure that it will be possible to enjoy tasty, healthy and responsibly produced fish in the future as well. Therefore, we critically examine the different stages of our production process and through continuous development and curious experimentation we strive to sometimes make even the impossible, possible. We take responsibility for the future of clean food, the fish industry and our environment.


We farm the fish ourselves in Renko, Kokkola and Saarenmaa and produce our products respecting tradition and pure taste. Since the entire production chain is in our hands, we are able to ensure the high quality of our products

The story of Heimon Kala

Heimon Kala Oy was founded in 1980, when a fisherman respecting tradition, Heimo Juvankoski, established a small fish store in Hämeenlinna and distributed fish to stores throughout Southern Finland. In addition to the popular herring and perch, Heimo wanted to offer more rare big fish such as bream and pike. A few years later, Heimon Kala also started to produce cold and warm smoked fish products in Renko. The delicious fish sold well, and the company grew.


The company’s growth also enabled the development of new products in the late 80s. At that time, the products of Heimon Kala were sold from a car directly to stores, and the salesmen kept their ears open while visiting the merchants. This provided valuable feedback that helped in developing new fish delicacies corresponding to the demand.


Heimon Kala produced their first own packaged fish products in the early 90s. This was followed by rapid growth and a development phase as the food industry industrialized, and stores were competing hard with each other. Demand for packaged products was high and it also accelerated the development of packaging.

In order to guarantee quality and reliability of delivery, Heimon Kala wanted to further expand its operations and gain control of the fish’s path all the way from the sea to the plate. Quite a lot happened in a short time. In 2005, Heimon Kala was bought by Estonian Vettel Oü. Vettel brought the fishing traditions and know-how of Saarenmaa with it. In the processing plant in Saarenmaa it was possible to produce different kinds of fish delicacies than in Renko, which significantly diversified the selection. 

A new deal was made in 2007, when the company bought Saaristomeren Kala from Uusikaupunki. At this time the operations expanded from selling processed fish to fish farming, and it was possible to farm our own fish in Finland as well as in Sweden.

The growth was guided by a strong desire to farm and process fish efficiently and with high quality standards. In 2009, the company merged with Tallinna Külhoone and nowadays the company specializes in fish products and is known as AS PRFoods. Heimon Kala Oy is still responsible for the company’s operations in Finland. 

In 2017, a long-term partner and importer of northern fish and shellfish, Trio Trading from Kokkola, joined the Heimon Kala family. With this the company is now able to farm and process fish as well as import fish and shellfish. Today, fish is farmed, in both Finland, Sweden, and Saarenmaa in Estonia. The company is best known for its Heimon Gourmet, Heimon Liekki and Saaristomeren fish delicacies.

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