Delicious Heimo Gourmet Roes – Fresh to your table.

Heimon Kala roes are an irresistibly fresh and delicious addition to your dining table. This product is not frozen, but lightly salted and pasteurised for immediate packaging to ensure no loss of flavour.

Finnish rainbow trout and vendace roe and Canadian whitefish roe reach your cold store in distinguished and elegant glass jars that display the attractive colour of the product. The texture, flavour and freshness of these products will bring you back again and again when stocking your table for special occasions and daily meals.



Heimo Gourmet Finnish rainbow trout roe, 100 g

Rainbow trout roe comprises sizeable, splendidly translucent loose balls with a rich and attractive colour and rewarding flavour. Finnish rainbow trout roe is always a splendid roe to crown your banqueting table.

Heimo Gourmet Canadian whitefish roe, 100 g

Wild whitefish roe from Lake Erie is a small grained roe with an excellent texture and freshness, and a sophisticated, mild, but full-bodied flavour. Whitefish roe is ideal for all banqueting tables, served either alone or together with vendace or rainbow trout roe.

Heimo Gourmet Finnish vendace roe, 100 g

Vendace from Lake Pielinen, the largest watercourse in North Karelia, is a delicious fish in itself, and its roe brings out the authentic flavour and makeup of Finnish food at its finest.



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