Fresh fish and fresh fish products

A busy schedule is no excuse for not enjoying good, wholesome food. Heimon Kala high quality convenience foods are made with the greatest respect for the flavour of the fish.

Our own fish farms and high purchasing quality standards are your guarantee of fresh and tasty fish on your dinner table. Whether you buy over the fishmonger’s counter or ready-packed, we deliver the finest fish ingredients for delicious and wholesome dining. Why not try our processed fish products? They let you get right down to the main event: enjoying a feast with friends and family.

We raise most of our fish in our own farms, with whitefish coming from Houtskär in the Finnish Archipelago Sea, together with rainbow trout that are also reared in Northern Sweden.
Our Norwegian salmon comes from a long-standing partner in Northern Norway. Deals with more than one hundred contract fisheries in Finland also help to ensure a steady supply of delicious fresh Finnish fish.


Cream and honey-marinated rainbow trout fillet ribbons 300g

rainbow trout fillet ribbons 300g

rainbow trout fillet ribbons 300g

rainbow trout fillet ribbons 300g



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