Heimon Kala Oy is a well-known, dependable fish industry business that has brought fine products to the dining and banqueting tables of consumers in Finland for more than three decades, and has steadily grown into one of Finland’s most important enterprises in its field. The company is nowadays part of As PRFoods, and also operates in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Heimon Kala Oy markets its products in Finland under the Heimon and Saaristomeren brand names.



Heimon Kala provides a dependable, high standard service by comprehensively managing the process all the way from the hatchery to the final product. In-house fish farming reduces many quality and supply risks. The chain of production includes high standard manufacturing facilities complying with the highest modern hygiene requirements at Renko in Hämeenlinna, Finland, and Saarenmaa, Estonia. Swift and precise deliveries through the terminals of key distributors complete the continuously refrigerated transport chain.

Reliable service, dependable delivery and long-term collaboration with the customer form a solid foundation for partnership. Heimon Kala is vitally concerned to develop customer accounts in all sectors. It appreciates the value of a favourable chain reaction: the better Heimon Kala is able to meet customer requirements, the more happy its customers and end-consumers will be.




Heimon Kala Oy  |  Käräjämäentie 6  |  FI-14300 Renko  |  Tel. +358 3644 840  |  heimonkala@heimonkala.fi